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Scottsboro Meats

What is coming in soon!

We get offers every week for items we don't normally sell but the prices are too good to pass up.

What is coming up next?

We have no idea but the vendors give us a chance from time to time to get a great deal on items.  We believe in the idea a fast nickel is better than a slow dime anytime!  We put a little on it and get it out of the freezer or cooler quick. 


One item that is a new idea is a Mary B's Biscuit.  We offer Pillsbury Biscuits as our number one biscuit but since several price increases have forced us to raise the price on them.  We now offer Mary B's at $ 1.99/bag of 15 - 2.2 oz biscuits and we have found them to be a great product also.  Ask for a sample we will get you a taste test.  We plan to taste test these biscuits in the near future at our store. 

We sell Tyson Chicken Tenderloins at $ 9.99 for 3-1/2# and we have 5# of Chicken Fingers for $ 7.99 a bag.  We have all white meat chicken nuggets for $ 10.99 a 5# bag.  We have grill flavored chicken breast for $ 13.99 a 5# bag.  School Pizzas are $ 4.99  and we have a line of Pizza Rolls, Lasagnas, Chicken Pot Pies, Jalepeno Poppers, and many other quick meal items. 

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Scottsboro Meats, Inc. 116 Chestnut Street - Scottsboro, AL. 35768 256-574-2626