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What do we sell? And how we can help you.
How to email orders and contact pages.
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We have brand names you know, but we also have items that are known in the foodservice industry.
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Scottsboro Meats

What do we sell? And how we can help you.

We hope to provide a idea of what we sell.  We have many different items that can change each week.  Our $ 19.99 weekly special changes each week because of vendors special prices on different items.

USDA Inspected Beef Products

What do we cut and sell from beef?  We have: Ribeyes, T-Bones, New York Strips, Filet Mignon, Chuck Eyes, Chuck, Shoulder, Eye of Round, Top Sirloin, Angus, Sirloin Tip, Porterhouse, Tri-Tip, and many other steaks.  Roasts are: Chuck, Sirloin Tip,  shoulder, eye of round, standing rib, and many other kinds of roasts.

Fresh Cut daily and upon request! Beef is delivered fresh on Monday and Thursday mornings. 


Chicken Products
We sell:
Boneless, skinless, chicken breast  40#case $ 55.60.
Miscut chicken breast - 40# case $30.99
Leg Quarters - 40# case -$ 17.99
We handle drumsticks, wings, whole birds, livers, gizzards, and many frozen items.  We have frozen baking hens and cornish hens.
We get fresh chicken three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons.

This is the Chicken section of the display counter
We process about 75 - 300 cases of Chicken a week.

Fresh Pork Products
Pork is cut fresh daily.
Let us cut you some extra thick pork chops for supper tonight!

Pork is cut daily for the case and custom orders.

We handle center cut and first cut pork chops. We have ribs, baby back, texas style, country style, and medium spare ribs.  We stock boston butts and pork steaks.

Pork is delivered fresh Monday and Thursday each week.

Scottsboro Meats, Inc. 116 Chestnut Street - Scottsboro, AL. 35768 256-574-2626